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Business Coaching & Workshops

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Business Coaching & Workshops

Jump Start-Up Your New Business


8 Weeks


This 8 week coaching package is for you if …
You want to start an online business from scratch,,
You already have an online business, but sales just aren’t where you need them to be,
You have thought about starting an online business, but you aren’t sure if it is right for you. You also may have no idea where to start.

How To Identify Your Tribe or Niche


4 Weeks


Having a niche can make or break your online business. Yes, it really is that important! Discovering your profitable niche and one that you are genuinely passionate about is the key to success and business growth for eCommerce and online businesses. As they say, there are riches in niches.

Coaching for Business Clarity


12 Sessions


You need a business coach especially if you’ve made the shift from employee to entrepreneur! The reason is simple. With a business coach, you gain a trusted advisor who will guide you on your path to success. Someone who can put things in perspective and provide you with invaluable ideas and strategies as you walk through the minefield of online small business building.

Branding With Archetypes


8 Hours


Imagine if you could gracefully sidestep "How am I different?" and effortlessly attract the right clients by simply stepping into your most authentic vision... of YOU! The Branding with Archetypes™ Workshop makes your marketing easy, simple, and FUN because you’ll (finally!) clearly communicate who you are and what you’re all about to your audience!

Money Mindset Mastery


4 Hours


A money mindset is an overriding attitude that you have about your finances. It drives how you make key financial decisions every day. It can have a big impact on your ability to achieve your goals. Having a positive money mindset is essential and is the secret to increasing your chances for success in your new business.

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