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Online Entrepreneurial Education

Teaching Women Over 40 How To Start New Businesses With Power and Confidence in Their Own Success!


We have 8 Core Courses each designed to empower you and provide you with the knowledge you will need to be effective in every area of your business — especially as you start up.  The bottom line is that these courses will teach you HOW to think strategically, like an entrepreneur, as you move forward in establishing your own business or brand.



To cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset and empower you with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to succeed so that you can confidently launch your new business as a Woman Over 40 Entrepreneur.  B.E.E.S. is an online education solution that enables students to become financially successful entrepreneurs and savvy business owners.


Start-up Business Online Courses

Life Time Access To Each Course Upon Purchase
As we are updating our course offerings, we will release one course every 6-8 weeks.  At this time we are offering Core Course 1 - Cultivating The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Taste The Success.


Cultivating The Entrepreneurial Mindset

The modules within this course will help you to start to think like a business owner. You will be able to focus on the practicalities of actually building your enterprise. Some subjects we will discuss include Mindfulness, the Law of Cause and Effect, and developing a Paradigm Shift in your thinking. 


Introduction To Business Law

In the modules of this course, you will receive a basic overview of business law hot topics, starting with the different types of corporate entities. You will have an opportunity to uncover the dynamics, theory, and management of contracts and other legal documents that can be applicable to your start-up.


Components to Business Success

Through the modules of this course, you will learn about Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Distribution and Sales Strategy, Operations Management and Strategy as well as their Performance Metric Keys. Through learning videos, case studies, and exercises you will also learn about Strategic Planning, how to successfully navigate getting that lucrative Government Contract, as well as the basics of Organization Development and how Social Media impacts your world and your business.


Technology and Apps For Business

We will begin with the Internet of Things and show you how technology is always evolving. You will touch on the advent of the Blockchain and from there we will discover one of the most stunning website themes available on WordPress today and you will actually be able to build your own website when we're through with that chapter.


Business Communications

Course 3 will teach you the "Soft Skills" of business and why they are necessary. These skills include Business Etiquette, how to navigate networking events, presentation skills, public speaking, event planning for entrepreneurs, the development and delivery of your Elevator Pitch, how to get and stay organized, navigating difficult work situations, and lastly selling and negotiation strategies. 


Personal Finance Management

This course teaches the fundamentals of personal financial literacy. Our disciplined approach to financial management begins by understanding individual financial life goals, current income needs, tax liability, credit repair, and financial responsibilities. Targeting Over 40 Adults we will also discuss how to bounce back from financial disaster and what the "new normal" looks like since The Great Recession of 2008 and now after Covid-19 and the political unrest that this country has experienced.


Business Finance

Through the dissecting of Financial Case Study Work, you will learn the challenges that entrepreneurs face and possible solutions to each unique case. No course on business finance would be complete without teaching Basic Economics, so we will not disappoint. You will learn about Scarcity, Demand, and Supply chain and how both can and will affect your business.


Raising Capital for  Business

This intensive course identifies the best strategies that entrepreneurs can use to raise capital for their startup. Beginning with a cursory overview of the landscape of raising capital for your small business, this course will show you avenues that can lead to sources of funding and capital acquisition.


Curated Modules from Our 8  Core Courses

You Will Be Able To Establish a Small Business within the next 90 Days.  You will learn how to think creatively and ambitiously so as to ultimately establish your own business or brand within the next 90 days, 

A   Free Module

This is the 1st Module of the Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset 12 Hour Course. Developed to encourage Women Over 40 to pursue their dreams and become entrepreneurs, this module starts by introducing you to 10 strong and powerful Women Over 40 who became really successful in business in order to encourage you with the knowledge that it is NEVER too late to begin your business!


All 8 Core Courses + Bonuses

You will gain access to all 8 Core Courses listed above PLUS receive over $1500 in cool bonuses to get you started on the right track as you launch your new business. 


Adult Education Course
40 Biz Ideas

Looking for that million-dollar idea?

Get our newest resource to get your ideas flowing.  Inside this booklet is over 40 small business ideas & links that you can run with today. 

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