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We Are BusyGal

The mission of BusyGal is to inspire Women-Over-40 to reinvent themselves as small business owners, and to help these new entrepreneurs become irresistible to their target markets through our Start-up Business Coaching, Online Entrepreneurial Courses, Virtual Business Services, and ROKU Television Show Development Services.


Our CEO/Founder's Story

Felicia Lopes is a Renaissance Woman!  Not only is she the Founder of BusyGal, but she has a 25+ year track record of work and leadership in the Broadway/Off-Broadway theatrical industry.  You can learn more about her theatrical career here.

When Felicia formed BusyGal in 2016, she knew that she wanted to inspire women over 40 to become entrepreneurs because of her own rampant experience of ageism when she went after show business projects between Broadway and Hollywood.  Her story is not unlike millions of other women who walk away from lucrative careers to care for ailing elderly parents - thus forcing them to reinvent their lives as they grapple with their present realities juxtaposed against their uncertain futures.  

Meet the Team

Seeking Visionary Team Members Who Possess The Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Your Steps to Success

What We Are About


The mission of BusyGal is to inspire Women-Over-40 to reinvent themselves as small business owners, and to help these new entrepreneurs become irresistible to their target audiences through our virtual business services and ROKU Television Show Development Services.


Online education provides you with tools and resources that enable you to become financially successful as an entrepreneur. You'll discover exactly how to think like a business owner and skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST new entrepreneurs dead in their tracks and be provided with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to attain entrepreneurial success in a variety of settings.


To reinvent yourself means you engage in a transformational change that alters who you fundamentally are inside. It results from a shift in values, beliefs, goals, or needs, representing a process that transforms your actions and perceptions on a grand scale. 

Our Core Values Statement

At BusyGal, we have made a solemn commitment to uphold our ten core values as guiding principles that inspire and direct us on our mission to empower women over 40 in building businesses they love. They are fundamental to the way we operate and interact with our colleagues, partners, clients and the communities at large. These are the pillars that sustain our company culture, shape our decisions, and fuel our passion.

1. Integrity:  We are committed to honoring our word and the actions that align with that commitment. Our operations and communications are honest and transparent to foster trust and reliability. We honor our pledges to our clients and partners, and uphold the highest standards of integrity in all that we do.

2. Leadership:  Every member of BusyGal is a leader in their own right. We encourage individual growth, innovation, and initiative to drive change. We prioritize personal development, and inspire each other to step up, make decisions, and effect change.

3. Acceptance and Inclusion:  We celebrate diversity, recognizing value in all forms. No matter your age, background, or experience level, we welcome you with open arms. Our commitment to inclusion means we earnestly listen, understand, and respect different perspectives adding value to our collective mission.

4. Accountability:  At BusyGal, we take responsibility for our actions, hold ourselves accountable for our tasks, and carry through on our commitments. We answer for our decisions, celebrate our successes, and acknowledge opportunities for growth, leading to continued progress.

5. Respect:  We embrace open communication, mutual respect, and fairness in all our interactions. We acknowledge everyone's contributions and maintain a culture of respect for self and others, fostering a nurturing and warm working environment.

6. Compassion:  We lead with empathy and kindness, always offering support to those in need. We strive to understand and appreciate the circumstances and viewpoints of others. Our actions and decisions are grounded in compassion, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

7. Honesty:  We uphold the truth and desire genuine interactions. We express our thoughts and concerns honestly, and encourage clear, open, and truthful conversations that build trust and strong relationships amongst our team model.

8. Passion:  We empower women to create businesses filled with passion and joy, because we believe passion invigorates our lives and our work. This passion fuels us to go the extra mile, continuously raising the bar to provide the best possible services to our clients.

9. Continuous Learning:  We are dedicated to ongoing growth and development, and are committed to lifelong learning. We encourage and provide opportunities for everyone in our team to acquire new skills, refine existing ones, and expand their knowledge in order to continuously adapt and improve.

10. Fun:  At BusyGal, we work hard and play harder. We strive to spark joy and fun in everything we do as we believe that a positive and enjoyable work environment boosts creativity, productivity and collaboration, making us better partners and leaders.

In conclusion, we, at BusyGal, pledge to live by these core values and apply them in our daily work, interactions, and decisions. Our commitment goes beyond empowering women over 40; it is about creating a lasting, positive impact on society grounded in the principles we hold dear. Join us as we build a future that respects, encourages, and empowers everyone in their unique journey to success.

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Our Mission

Empowerment of Women Over 40

For middle age women who want to start new businesses and get that second chance in their second chapter of life, BusyGal, inspires them to launch.  We provide start-up business coaching and a global ecosystem where Women Over 40 can reinvent themselves and start money-making businesses that they love. 

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