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We Are BusyGal

The mission of BusyGal is to inspire Women-Over-40 to reinvent themselves as small business owners, and to help these new entrepreneurs become irresistible to their target markets through our Start-up Business Coaching, Online Entrepreneurial Courses, Virtual Business Services, and ROKU Television Show Development Services.


Our CEO/Founder's Story

Felicia Lopes is a Renaissance Woman!  Not only is she the Founder of BusyGal, but she has a 25+ year track record of work and leadership in the Broadway/Off-Broadway theatrical industry.  You can learn more about her theatrical career here.

When Felicia formed BusyGal in 2016, she knew that she wanted to inspire women over 40 to become entrepreneurs because of her own rampant experience of ageism when she went after show business projects between Broadway and Hollywood.  Her story is not unlike millions of other women who walk away from lucrative careers to care for ailing elderly parents - thus forcing them to reinvent their lives as they grapple with their present realities juxtaposed against their uncertain futures.  

Meet the Team

Seeking Visionary Team Members Who Possess The Entrepreneurial Spirit