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Coach Felicia Lopes


Soul & Strategy Start Up Business Coach

Specializing in helping you make your new online business idea come into reality!


I help you awaken creative possibilities, passion, and action by focusing on exploring YOUR agenda, identifying YOUR goals, and challenging YOU to create strategies that will take you forward as you build the online business that you love. 

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Our Services


Coaching  & Workshops

We offer several online start-up business coaching services as well as workshops designed to hone your skills so that you stand out to your target client in the marketplace.  These services are all offered on a rotating basis throughout the year. 



Anyone who's been successful in their career can attest to the power of networks, friendships, and communities of support.  When women find themselves in situations, within their workplace or businesses, where they feel alone, it is essential that they know of and find networks of like-minded entrepreneurial women who will cheer them on, not bring them down; help them get ahead, not hold them back; and connect them with valuable contacts to help them succeed.



Our Masterminds are designed with the goal to build a place of TRUST, REPORE, AND RELATIONSHIP where everyone is committed to the process and each other.  A Mastermind is like having a board of directors where each person has a few minutes to get on the "HOT SEAT" and get immediate help for an immediate situation.  Different from coaching WE DO NOT GIVE ADVICE. Everyone teaches each other.



Designed to help you overcome self-defeating thoughts that limit you, so you can finally transform your life and achieve your dreams, these courses help you discover a renewed feeling of hope and optimism in your own possibilities as a new entrepreneur.  Our courses are offered on a rotating basis throughout the year.

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Do you have a toxic being in your environment? Do you struggle to say “no” to those things that contradict your values and everything that you stand for in your life? Are you a chronic Yes Woman at work?


Finding a way to say 'no' to a request a toxic friend, boss, co-worker, family, or even a complete stranger can be complicated for some people. It's human nature to bend over backward to say 'yes' and help our fellow man.


However, saying 'yes' to everyone and specifically toxic people, can prove detrimental to your physical, psychological and social well-being.


Pathways To Reinvention

How To Say NO To Toxic People & Relationships

By Coach Felicia M. Lopes

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Last update:  June 7, 2023

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