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How To Identify Your Tribe or Niche

Niching your new business allows you to get specific about what you do, and who you serve, aka your target audience. It will enable you to tailor absolutely everything you say as if you are talking to one very specific person...and that will make them fall in love with you even more! They will be shouting "Finally! Someone gets me!" You can and should analyze profitable niches before starting your business and if you want to grow your business and diversify, it's the perfect way to help you select the best market to play in.

How To Identify Your Tribe or Niche





4 Weeks

*Quoted Investment is for Private Coaching Only. Group Rates subject to availability and dependent upon cohort minimum number of participants. Payment plans are also available.

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Throughout the 4 weeks of the How to Identify Your Tribe or Niche Coaching Package, you will gain clarity about who your target customers are, and each week you will be sent homework materials via email to read and review prior to each session wherein we will discuss and coach on specific and individual aspects of your business.

The benefits of developing your niche or tribe down to a single area of expertise are numerous, including …

• You will be able to focus on speaking only to your very specific audience, thus taking all the guesswork out of choosing content marketing topics to write about and which products or services to sell.
• You ultimately become the expert to your tribe which is extremely advantageous as it allows you to go deep with your customer and learn everything there is to know about your niche.
• You can really get to know what your niche customers like and what they are interested in buying.
• By using the right marketing strategies, your business also becomes easier to search and find online - specifically with Google searches and global SEO.
• You will become the go-to business for that specific area - because you will be seen as a specialist or expert for the people you want to influence.
• With targeted marketing and being seen as an expert in your field, you will build growth and reputation, leading to influencers wanting to connect as well as fuelling potential collaborations with other businesses.

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