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Jump Start-Up Your New Business

Entrepreneurship can be challenging, but it’s also one of the single biggest steps you can take toward financial and career freedom, and building something new and exciting that you can be proud of. If you are ready to become an entrepreneur and gain financial freedom by starting your own online business, then this coaching package is the right one for you.

Jump Start-Up Your New Business





8 Weeks

*Quoted Investment is for Private Coaching Only. Group Rates subject to availability and dependent upon cohort minimum number of participants. Payment plans are also available.

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The Jump Start-up Your New Business Coaching Package is a weekly Zoom 45-minute coaching session designed to bring you clarity in the steps you need to take to successfully launch and build your online business from scratch. Each week you will be emailed homework materials online to read and review prior to your session wherein we will discuss aspects of your business including:

• The 7 entrepreneurial principles to live by for success as a new business owner.
• What critical thinking is, and why it is key to building your business.
• Know what the first steps are to launching your online business.
• How to find out what kind of online business you should start.
• Why creating your new business’ pros and cons are important.
• How to discover the hot niche for your business.
• How to validate your online business idea.
• Why knowing who your target client is and building their avatar is essential.
• Blogging, email marketing, video marketing & content marketing 101.
• Understanding the basics of Social Media Marketing for your new online business.
• How to market your business and get your first sale.
• 28 tested & proven marketing tactics divided into 4 easy-to-digest sections to rapidly scale your startup business.

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Our start-up services, both coaching and workshops, begin with a conversation.  Click the button below to learn more and realize your entrepreneurial dreams. 

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