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Why Does Columbia University Condone Sexual Assault?


It’s been all over the news for the last couple of days and considering that I posted a humorous Jay Smooth Video just yesterday on how some men treat women as objects and try to deplete our humanity, I am moved to post this video on how brave this young woman, EMMA SULKOWICZ is for her generation and all women who have been assaulted sexually.

It hits home even more so for me – for 2 reasons:

1)  Columbia University is my alma mater.  I went there in the 90s and received my MFA from the School of the Arts. and

2)  I was a classmate of an amazing woman who was compelled by this story to finally reveal that she too was assaulted at Columbia University by an adjunct professor who carried massive clout in the theater program at the School of the Arts and within the Broadway Theatrical Industry!  In fact when she went to the chair of the theatre department at the time, who was a woman, she was given no assistance and this woman who was in a position to help her, determined NOT to help her.  She has carried her pain around for over 15 years!

THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!  When will someone in authority at Columbia University LAY DOWN THE LAW even if it means risking the prestige of a department in the university!  Is sexual assault permissible because someone is a high-ranking professor or brings prestige to a university program.  I don’t think so, do you?

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