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Loved this article by one of their columnists – CARRIE GREEN.  Valuable advise for all us BusyGals!

I think money is an important topic and one that holds a lot of emotion and sometimes that emotion can get in the way – especially when you’re trying to build a business. Feelings of guilt, unworthiness and greed block a lot of people from making the kind of money they would not only like to make, but deserve to make. I have been there myself – when you’re running a business, especially when you care a lot and want to do everything to help people, it can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you should do everything for free or for peanuts. You feel like you have so much to give that you forget that it’s also important to receive.

But in order for there to be a balance in business there has to be that flow of give and receive, otherwise it won’t work. Yet so many entrepreneurs can’t seem to find that balance and so instead of running an abundant business, they constantly feel like they’re struggling to keep their head above water.

I have been there myself and it is frustrating, BUT I also think that when you’re trying to build something new and wonderful it can take a while to find that balance and create that abundance… you just have to keep going, until (that’s my philosophy anyway).

However, along my journey there have been some practical steps I have taken that have really helped me to create more financial abundance in my business and life and I really wanted to share these steps with you this week. In the video below I share the 6 steps that really helped me…


  1. Become aware of your financial situation – take time to review what’s going on. Look at what’s going right and what’s not going so right!

  2. Create new money goals, that you can connect and align with – try to make them as meaningful as possible.

  3. Take time to brainstorm new ways to open up the gates to receiving more abundance – what could you do that would allow more money to flow to you?

  4. Create your money map.

  5. Make a budget so you can stay on top of your finances.

  6. Get the money mindset.

These 6 steps – in particular step 6 – have helped me so much to create that flow of abundance in my life. I hope these 6 steps help you just as much.

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