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What A Platinum Membership Includes

Everything in the PLATINUM Membership Plus

  • 20% off any BusyGal Business Coaching packages, all BEES or Inspiration Courses, all Events, Workshops, and Masterminds,#

  • A 30-minute Lazer Business Coaching Session with Coach Felicia Lopes each month.

  • 10% discount on any service provided in our Virtual Business Services division.

  • Unlimited access to Lisa Berry's Course - TAKE A BREATH. Not only an award-winning Actress (best known for her work on the CW's hit show Supernatural) Lisa Berry is a lifestyle and meditation coach.  In this course, you will learn the skills, strategies, and tools you need to feel better faster and experience the 3 significant lifestyle changes you can take to help you in your business and in your life...

    • how to breathe deeper, release tension in your body, and feel comfortable in your own skin,

    • understand the #1 reason you're blocking your dreams, and how to fix it,

    • experience a positive shift in perspective, and take action with confidence,

  • Strategic and thought-provoking articles, fables, and stories designed to inspire you toward entrepreneurial success every 2 months.

  • One "how to" business building booklet every 2 months,

  • One Bonus surprise gift every 3 months.  

  • 2 business & leadership affirmations per month, 

  • 2 reinvention affirmations per month,

  • Access to a monthly 30-minute group business coaching session on Zoom with Coach Felicia Lopes, founder of BusyGal.  

  • Access to free courses from both our Inspiration and BEES divisions,

  • Access to our private Facebook group and our Be-A-BusyGal Blog,  

  • Monthly updates and access to The Hive* our Business Resource Center as well as our Amazon-powered BusyGals Books department.

  • Access to the FREE, SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM Community Channels where you can get to know your sister entrepreneurs.

    • Channels at the Platinum Community Level include:​

      • Financial Planning​

      • Hiring & Delegation

      • For Non-Profit Founders

      • Tips on Email Marketing

      • Your Ads and Announcements

  • Two (2) success affirmations per month.

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* The Hive Business Resource Center will open sometime in October 2023

Links open to a new window. Can only be used on a Smart Phone or Tablet.

# - Please note that the percentages off cannot be combined. 

(i.e. Gold @ 15% off + Platinum @ 20% = 35% off the price of the merchandise or service)


STANDARD PRICE $39.99 per month

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