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The mission of BusyGal is to give our clients peace of mind through our service offerings and empower Women-Over-40™ to become business owners and build personal foundations for victorious and independent living! 
BusyGal is a small business with 3 Divisions:  
  1. BusyGal Friday VA Services specializes in Social Media Marketing, Virtual Assistance, and Business Video Production,
  2. BusyGal Friday Websites specializes in Business Website Development, and
  3. BusyGal Solutions in association with Market America specializes in enabling others to go into business for themselves by providing access and business opportunities to billion dollar markets such as cosmetics, fashion, health and wellness, and home care products and services.

"Our world can turn upside down for a moment, but if we keep on looking ahead and just embrace the ride, we’ll turn right side up again. In the process, we change, and experience the revelation that we are tougher than we thought!"

Felicia M. Lopes | CEO
BusyGal, LLC 
We strive daily to galvanize and encourage our BusyGal™ members through our podcasts, our merchandise, our newspaper - The BusyGal™ Daily Buzz, and our Be-A-BusyGal™ Blog so as to serve the emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs that make us the women we are destined to be. Our target clients are Women Over 40 who want to be business owners but have not yet determined what type of business they want to run.  We help them solve this issue through training seminars and networking events designed to empower and encourage. 


The only constant in life is change.  We are women in Transition.  We are in our 2nd Chapter of Life, wanting and needing 2nd Chances to reach our goals.  If you haven't reached your life potential yet, and you realize that you're not loving yourself the way you need to, we are the New Beginnings Zone!


Maybe you feel that "Men Have Paused" (menopause), because it seems that we’re now invisible to the opposite sex!  You know what I mean, girl!  Most of our bodies don't look like 25 year old bombshells anymore, but let me tell you now, we BusyGals love ourselves, stir things up, turn what's wrong into right, and relish that new wisdom that makes us truly sexy! Ladies, we’ve got something to say about life in general, cause we've lived a little bit now!   After all 40 is the new 30, and 50+ is simply Fabulous!
Own it!  Work it ladies! We want to hear from you!
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This blog is written for us - Women Over 40 - in order to explore the musings about living lives of purpose, passion and empowerment so that we can be independent, authentic and victorious even in life's firestorms!  We invite you to participate in the conversation!