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What A Free Membership Includes
  • Access to free courses from both our Inspiration and BEES divisions,

  • Access to our private Facebook group and our Be-A-BusyGal Blog,  

  • Monthly updates and access to The Hive* our Business Resource Center as well as our Amazon-powered BusyGals Books department.

  • Access to FREE Community Channels where you can get to know your sister entrepreneurs.

    • Channels at this Community Level include:​

      • Introduce Yourself​

      • All Things BusyGal

      • Leaders Are Readers

      • For Newbie Entrepreneurs

      • Online Business Owners

      • Brick & Mortar Business Owners

      • Mompreneurs & Solopreneurs

      • Affirmations & Meditations

      • Reinvent You

  • Two (2) success affirmations per month.

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* The Hive Business Resource Center will open sometime in October 2023

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