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Empowering Women Over 40 To Build Businesses That They Love!

About BusyGal

Our Past / Your Future

BusyGal was started by Felicia M. Lopes, a former Broadway Theatrical General Manager/Producer.  When she temporarily left the industry in 2014 for Dallas, Texas to care for her mother - ill with cancer -  she had to determine what was next in life for her as there is no theatrical industry in Dallas. In 2016, she reinvented herself as an online business owner by forming BusyGal to help entrepreneurially minded Women-Over-40 ignite inspired decisions and transformative actions as they creatively reinvent every facet of their professional and personal lives by starting and running businesses that they love.  We help to awaken creative possibilities in our clients.  We provide start-up tools, business coaching, and an entrepreneurial learning ecosystem for Women Over 40 Globally to authentically reinvent themselves by learning how to launch and run money-making online businesses they love

It's Finally Here! 


BusyGal Memberships have launched via the BusyGal App, allowing you to enjoy discounts on our products and services.  We have 3 membership levels that give you access to additional discounts, group and private coaching, courses, and community.  Membership entitles you to receive 10 - 20% off on branded BusyGal services, events, and business resources!


Silver - $19.99 per month - qualify to get 10% off all branded BusyGal Services & Products*

Gold - $29.99 per month - qualify to get 15% off all branded BusyGal Services & Products*

Platinum - $39.99 per month - qualify to get 20% off all branded BusyGal Services & Products

*This offer does not include products and services in our Virtual Business Services & BGTV Divisions

Our "soft launch" will be celebrated by giving you lifetime priority access to the app at your chosen membership level, at $10 off the standard monthly rate outlined below. 

Pre-Launch Lifetime Founding Membership Level Rate - $10 off each level of pricing
• SILVER - $9.99/mo + get 10% off • GOLD - $19.99/mo + get 15% off • PLATINUM - $29.99/mo + get 20% off

Founding Memberships expire 12/31/2023

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The BusyGal App

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