If you're a Small Business Owner chances are you are consistently in a state of exhaustion because there is NEVER enough hours in the day to get everything you need to do done.  You're wearing 25 different hats all the time!  Sometimes you're your own secretary, marketing director, website design, receptionist, clerk and customer service representative — all in one day and you haven't even accomplished working on the business of your business!  


Unless your business is also virtual assistance, you don't like wearing these hats.   That's where BusyGal comes in!  We give you peace of mind that the mind numbing tasks you hate to do are done and you don't have to do it any more!  Through our Social Media, Video Creation and Website Design areas, we make you irresistible to your target client!  

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Administrative Virtual Assistance

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an office administration professional offering remote administrative support to small or medium sized businesses.

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You get a dedicated professional virtual assistant up to 40 hours per month who shares your vision, your passion and will support you every step of the way.


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THE VA PRIMER | 90+ TASKS YOU CAN DELEGATE TO  A LIVE VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and get great ideas on how to use a VA to efficiently run your office or that next project!

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Social Media Marketing

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So you've started that new business.  You're overwhelmed with how much time and effort it takes to implement a Social Media Strategy and now it seems that you have to also be a Social Media Manager and wear yet another hat as a small business owner!

Our SOCIAL MEDIA AWAKENING SERVICE can help, because you'll get to choose 1 to 3 Social Platform/(s): FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN or PINTEREST and our set-up fee is waived!

CRM & Email Marketing Automation

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Built for Small Business, BusyGal, LLC is a Referral Partner of Infusionsoft, the #1 Sales and Automation Software Provider designed specifically for small business.

Here’s an example of what Infusionsoft can do for you:
  • Automatically alert your sales and marketing team when someone fills out a web form
  • Automatically send the customer a follow-up email
  • Automatically add your customer to a specific marketing campaign

Video Creation & Marketing

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You get more buyers when you use video

Video viewers are 64-85% MORE likely to buy a product after watching a relevant video!


Viral traffic comes from video

Video posted to social media generates 1200% MORE shares than text & image posts COMBINED!


Video quality is critical to branding & authority

62% of consumers are more likely to have a NEGATIVE opinion of a brand that releases low quality videos!


Video drives overall growth

Businesses using video increase yearly revenues 49% FASTER than those that don’t!

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Create Your Digital World with Our WEB SOLUTIONS

​BusyGal, LLC is a referral partner of maWebcenters which is the ultimate online digital solution, providing top of the line Search Engine and E-Commerce Optimization for 
Small to Mid-Sized Businesses.  maWebcenters' 
websites are designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses!

maWebcenters developed its integrated solution to be as flexible and user-friendly as it is powerful.  Their proprietary solution empowers every small and mid-sized business with the tools necessary to tap into the earning potential of the digital marketplace.  It's one single resource packed with high-caliber features - eCommerce capabilities, SEO tools, social media widgets and fully customizable attributes - to create a completely unique look and feel that matches the vision of YOUR business.

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Website Design & Development

Paper, Groups & Blog

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