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"The Original BusyGal"

This is the story of BusyGal


I officially formed BUSYGAL, LLC in September 2016 not really knowing what BusyGal was going to be, but knowing that I wanted to inspire Women-over-40 to become entrepreneurs.  The reason I target Women Over 40, is based completely upon my life story which is not unlike so many other women's stories.  When my mother who is in her 80s got ill, I stopped my 30+ year career in NYC and returned home to Dallas, Texas to care for her.  (You can learn more about me HERE.)  After sending out literally hundreds of resumes and not getting a job in Dallas, after 2 years, I had to do something.  I went into business out of desperation rather than inspiration!  Upon speaking with many other women my age, and doing some research, I realized there was a serious situation in this country as millions of women face the harsh realities of AGEISM after 40!

When the Recession finally lifted between 2014 and 2016, it never lifted for millions of women over 40 and I was one of those women.  The pundits would have you believe that unemployment has decreased due to the job market opening up, however this is just not true. You can get employment as long as you are willing to holding down a job with no power, low pay, and absolutely no social prestige! The real reason that unemployment is down is that millions of Americans have left the workforce to strike out on their own as small business owners - specifically middle aged people - and leading the charge are Women Over 40!

A lot of women over 40 are in Transition and find that we are having a difficult time getting and/or staying employed as we are now seen as "old and no longer relevant" to this youth-obsessed, millennial driven society.  It seems that our professional and life experiences are not valued in the majority of corporate culture, so entrepreneurship is the only path left for us!  As such we are faced with the daunting task of determining what we are going to do with the rest of our lives.  What is that  "next thing" going to be?  I say it is time to inspire Women Over 40 to re-invent themselves, ignite hope through Entrepreneurship, and embrace their 2nd Chances in their 2nd Chapters of Life!  


That journey is what I call, becoming a BusyGal!

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