If you're a Women Over 40, sometimes you feel like you need a 2nd chance in the 2nd chapter of life, right?   Starting a business is NOT EASY at any time in life, much less when you're at this age!  Sometimes you become a small business owner out of desperation rather than inspiration — try being an unemployed Woman Over 40 attempting to get a job in today's marketplace — you'll have better luck at being struck by lightning twice!


To add insult to injury, there are a lack of services for Women Over 40 who want to be empowered entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurship equals RISK, but it can be minimized by the right game plan.  That's where BusyGal comes in!  We make it easier for you and give you the tools necessary for success and we can open up your business options.  


The type of business to go into is up to you.  The steps needed for success start with BusyGal!

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Entrepreneurial Education Technology

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We specialize in entrepreneurial online education programs for Women Over 40 who want to be business owners.  BEES is an online education solution that provides tools and resources which enable students to become financially successful entrepreneurs and business owners.  We offer 8 Core Courses, 1 Curated 12-Module Super-Course and 3 easily affordable monthly E-Learning Module Subscription Plans that start at $59/mo. 

For those students who are really ambitious and want to start their businesses immediately, we offer The Maven Curriculum which is an 80 hour self paced online curriculum feature all 8 of our ten-hour interactive Core Courses + 20 hours of bonus materials which include:

The Entrepreneur's Workbook: A Guide to Planning Your Business
and The Maven Business Starter Kit which includes...

• A professionally designed logo for your new business

• 500 New Business Cards
• 3 Months Free Access to Live Plan Business Plan Software
• 3 Months Free Access to a Customized Point-of-Sale Financial Management Software, and
• A New Custom Designed Business Website with URL & 3 months free Hosting

You will get lifetime access to all eight courses + all the bonuses listed above which are valued at over $1900.  This means that you’ll always be able to refer back to them, should you ever need a refresher — even after you've completed your studies and received your certificate of completion! 

Empowerment Events for Women Over 40 

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Leading Ladies Who Launch After Work Meetings

Free Meeting Open to All / Drinks & Snacks Available for Purchase
Monthly - Next Meeting November 2019


A Monthly 2 Hour Meet-up After Work Event for Women Over 40 who are Professional, Executive, Business Owners and those want to be Business Owners. Come to this Meet Up Meeting to grow your business network and stay inspired as you walk your professional life path - but just not alone!  This is a call to Sisterhood!

Becoming BusyGals Monthly Meetings

Membership Price:  $250 per year or $25 per monthly meeting
Non Members can attend this event at $50 per monthly meeting
Monthly - Next Meeting November 2019


This is an after work empowerment meeting where we systematically break the bonds of limiting thoughts, attitudes and inaction we all experience in life.  You're encouraged to bring your girlfriends. We meet once per month on Fridays at 6:00 for 2 - 3 hours to get super charged about our lives, our plans, and our opportunities.  We support each other in life, in our professions and personal growth goals!   Members are entitled to at least 10% off on all branded BusyGal events, services, and merchandise.

The BusyGal MasterMind Alliance

Price:  $500 for non members / $450 for members
Twice per year, Beginning November 2019 


A 12 Week, 60 - 90 Minute Mastermind with the goal to build a place of TRUST, REPORE AND RELATIONSHIP where everyone is committed to Process and Each Other.  A Mastermind is like having a board of directors where each person has a few minutes to get on the "HOT SEAT" and get immediate help for an immediate situation.  Different from coaching WE DO NOT GIVE ADVICE. Everyone teaches each other. Masterminds are different from a class or consultation because the agenda is owned by the group, not the facilitator.

The BusyGal P.R.I.C.E.

Price:  $1200 for non members / $900 for members
Next Meeting Launching January 2020 


P.R.I.C.E. (Passionate Relevant Inspired Connected Empowered)
This 12 week, 3-4 hour intensive Weekly Workshop is specifically designed to help Entrepreneurial Women Over 40 re-focus and attain their goals and dreams in life.  Hinged on the belief that "It's NEVER Too Late!", this workshop is THE ULTIMATE 2ND CHANCE IN THE 2ND CHAPTER OF LIFE! In 12 Weeks, you will be transformed into the Purpose Driven Woman that you want to be because we will inspire you to unleash your life's passion and finally understanding your authentic power to re-designed your life on your own terms!

The BusyGal 3-Day Revolution

Price TBD


A Winter Conference slated to launch in the Spring of 2021, this weekend will be created and developed to be an annual event featuring inspiring and well known women speakers, networking parties, workshops, videos, and more!  Sponsorships and Co-Branding Opportunities will be available for business owners.  There will be opportunities for all BusyGals to purchase tables upon which you can showcase and sell your products and services.


Our Recommended Opportunity

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We are associated with a home-based | online product brokerage and internet marketing business powered by the proven system and revolutionary technology of Market America | Shop.com. For those who want to be entrepreneurs, for minimal start up costs, you can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!


BUSYGAL™ Solutions empowers women to start their own businesses! We give you access to multi-billion dollar industries and markets, learn how to create ongoing residual income, and take control of your own financial destiny!


Our mission is to galvanize women to become more independent, authentic to who they are, live lives of purpose and passion, and ultimately defy the gravity of financial strongholds that keep us marginalized.

Blog & Paper

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