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About BGTV

BGTV will provide Streaming, Pay Per View, and On Demand programming & shows via both Free and Subscriber based media platforms.
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Additionally, because BGTV is in association with BizVod TV,  via the Zondra-TV Network, programming will also be aired on Comcast Cable as well as Chromecast in several regions in 2020 and positioned to be nationally syndicated by the end of 2025 thus giving BGTV an even larger audience share.

Given the shift to streaming environments for personal, professional, and entertainment use, ROKU, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Chromecast are featured front and center on newly purchased "Smart TVs" now, which provides consumers, at the time of purchase, automatic access to these Streaming Platforms!

BGTV's programming format will be targeted to encourage and entertain Women Over 40 to build strong businesses.  Further, BGTV will provide a media outlet designed for our patrons' new small businesses to come alive and potentially be accessed by well over 200 million users globally on a daily basis.​

BusyGal Television programming is not just "chic flicks" and "rom-coms" which can create the illusion of being socially coded which is vapid and insignificant. We know that men will be watching too!


Our programming options and shows will include talk and interview, reality-based formats, syndicated programming, and current and original films that feature women — and as much as possible, women over 40 — as taking the reigns of industry and business, no matter what industry or business. BGTV features women who are accomplished on their own terms.


BGTV shows will feature compelling, engaging, and emotionally charged storytelling that inspires viewers to take action and build businesses of their own.

Because BGTV is an affiliate of the Zondra-TV Network, which was created to provide entrepreneurs with affordable marketing and advertising that demonstrates credibility, BGTV will be able to offer production services to our clients' businesses should they want to utilize this new and robust business platform of creating shows that are branded to their business interests in a space where they can compete globally, where previously only larger companies existed due to their access to huge marketing dollars.

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