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Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset




4 Weeks


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"Being an entrepreneur is a mindset, not a title...  Truth be told — you can be entrepreneurial in your company, in your school or in your community. At the end of the day, calling yourself an entrepreneur doesn’t make you one — solving problems in innovative ways that create value and shape the way we live our lives, does.  While entrepreneurship involves risk, it’s important to distinguish between blind risk and calculated risk, which just means doing your homework.  Master the rules so you know which to benefit from and which to break."

~ Said by Nahema Mehta, cofounder and CEO of Absolut Art from Forbes May 3, 2017 Article: How to Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset by Elena Lyn Gross ~

About the Course

This course has been developed to help you realize your years have not been wasted, that you have what it takes to be a fantastic entrepreneur now, and to develop the mental muscle you will need to begin your journey of victorious entrepreneurship.  The keys to success are execution, reflection and persistence. When you build a business, you have an overwhelming number of options and opportunities, but not enough time or resources to do them all. Not only do you have to make the right choices, but you also have to throw a ton of stuff at the wall and train yourself to recognize if it’s time to be patient or it’s time for a change and evolve accordingly.  It’s part instinct, part practice, and always hard.

The lessons or modules within this course will help you become comfortable in the head space of an entrepreneur and you will start to think like a business owner.  You will then be able to focus on the practicalities of actually building your business and your drive to succeed will be tempered with a healthy mix of humility and grit because you'll have begun the habits taught in this module such as Mindfulness, the Law of Cause & Effect, and developing a Paradigm Shift in your thinking. 

Welcome to the Entrepreneur's path less traveled.


1. Module 1 - Becoming an Entrepreneur (Double Module)

The purpose of this 2-hour module is to encourage and empower you, our student base - Adults Over 40, to embrace the fact that LIFE IS NOT FINISHED YET! Your work and life experience thus far has not gone for naught and will enhance the probability of your success as a new entrepreneur / small business owner.

2. Module 2 - Types of Entrepreneurs

Starting with the "Preneur Cycle" this Module will teach you about the types of entrepreneurial paths you can take as well as the Cash Flow Quadrant. You will also learn the 15 characteristics that make for effective entrepreneurship.

​3. Module 3 - What Problem Are You Solving?

In order for you to be successful in the business you are forming, you must identify the problem/(s) that you solve in the world for people to want to purchase your goods, products, and/or services. In this module, we will explore your Raison D'Etre - your Reason to Be. You will discover your new business's mission and purpose.

​4. BONUS - Personal Assessment

As an added bonus, we have included a Personal Assessment to help you embrace the best type of business for you to go into. With these results in hand, you will be able to discover how your personality and passion align with your business model.

​5. Module 4 - Building Self-Confidence

This module is designed to help you enhance your self-confidence as a business owner. You shall explore the Power of Failure as a teacher that will spur you on towards making better and greater decisions for your business. Additionally, you will learn how to develop an effective habit of daily positive affirmations which will seep into your subconscious the more you do it so that it will ultimately boost your confidence as you build your business on a daily basis.

​6. Module 5 - The Vision

In this module you will learn the power of focusing on your goals and the importance of clarifying your vision by building a VISION BOARD. Lastly we will begin an exploration into how GRATITUDE will put you into the frame of mind that you need to become authentic and genuine as a business owner to your target clients and customers.

​7. Module 6 - The Golden Rules

"Do unto others..." The spiritual nature of man is explored based upon the bedrock of The Golden Rules. The power of your thoughts coupled with an understanding of the Law of Attraction and Karma (Cause and Effect) can ultimately create a Paradigm Shift that will propel you towards entrepreneurial success. These concepts are tools for the improvement of quality and service for your overall business dealings.

8. Module 7 - Goal Setting and Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles and problems are inevitable in all entrepreneurial pursuits. This module will explore how MINDFULNESS, MEDITATION, PRAYER, GRATITUDE, and FOCUS are major personal skills that need to be developed in the lifestyle of entrepreneurs due to the daily stresses that must be managed subconsciously to effectively handle the day in / day out problems that occur in business and in life.

​9. Module 8 - Managing People

PEOPLE are your most important resource in your business. Knowing how to effectively manage people begins with effectively managing yourself and your own expectations. In this module, you will begin to understand how great entrepreneurs and innovators hire and lead diverse people towards the common goal of creating stellar businesses. Additionally, you will explore emotional intelligence, the five ways criticism and rejection build your capacity to succeed, how to develop faith and belief in yourself and others, and how to develop patience and forgiveness in all the parameters of your life and business which will ultimately make you a wonderful person for whom people will go the extra mile for!

​10. Module 9 - Leadership and Mentoring

The exploration of Leadership is essential in any class or discussion about entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, you have already differentiated yourself and taken on the mantle of leadership of others as you move forward towards the success of your business. In this module, we will discuss the 8 leadership traits critical to your success, how to find a mentor and what qualities you should look for in that person. Lastly, you will assess your own personal strengths and weaknesses.

​11. Module 10 - Course Review and Final Exam

This final module will help you recall and review the important ideas learned from the previous modules. Additionally, you will learn the 10 mindsets it will take to improve your business which has everything to do with your HABITS, BELIEFS, PASSION, FLEXIBILITY, and ATTITUDE. We've thrown in a fantastic BONUS for you where you'll want to take notes, sit back with a glass of wine and just absorb the wisdom of one of this country's best entrepreneurial mentors.1.

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