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Felicia M. Lopes - Founder/CEO



"The Original BusyGal"

I am Felicia M. Lopes and I am both an Off Broadway theatrical general manager/producer and an Online Entrepreneur.  You can learn more about what I've done in the theatre at www.FeliciaLopes.com.


I officially formed BUSYGAL, LLC in September 2016 to inspire Women-over-40 to become entrepreneurs.  The reason I target Women Over 40, is based completely upon my life story which is not unlike so many other women's stories.  Check out an article I wrote about the rise of the contingent worker which is extremely relevant to what Women Over 40 are experiencing all over this country:  Exploring the Role of the Contingent Work in the U.S. Labor Market


I have a Masters Degree from Columbia University.  I have worked successfully both on and off Broadway as a theatrical general manager and producer in the NYC theatrical community for 20+ years, yet when the Recession hit 10/11 years ago in 2007/2008 - it never lifted for me nor for millions of Women Over 40 in this country.  NYC was Ground Zero for more than just the towers.  It was Ground Zero for every area of industry and business out there; thus I couldn't get work to pay the ever present bills! 


My mother who is elderly and alone, got sick and I had to go back to my hometown of Dallas, TX to care for her.  The theatrical industry that I'd worked in for 20+ years does not exist in Dallas.  I was over 45 and now I was faced with re-branding ME and transitioning into becoming who I am today - an Online Entrepreneur - because, like so many other women my age - I became an entrepreneur out of desperation rather than inspiration!   It seems that by the time we get to our mid-40s most of us have not necessarily "gotten it right" in our 20s and 30s, so we sometimes need a second chance in the second chapter of life!  


A lot of women in this time of life are in Transition and find that we are having a difficult time getting employed as we are now seen as "old and no longer relevant" to this youth obsessed, millennial driven society.  It seems that our professional and life experiences are not valued in the majority of corporate culture, so entrepreneurship is the only path left for us!  As such we are faced with the daunting task of determining what we are going to do with the rest of our lives.  What is that  "next thing" going to be?  


The Empowerment of Women Over 40


BusyGal, LLC fills the gap, by embracing the multi-million dollar self help market, which revenue is mostly generated by middle-age women in the United States, through our BusyGal Events and Initiatives Programming such as our online bookstore powered by Amazon called the Positive Mental Attitude Store (The PMA Store) where we sell self-help and PMA books to re-power and reboot our minds towards success in our businesses and lives.  We utilize Meet Ups, Masterminds, Conference and Seminars as we actively develop programs such as our PRICE Series designed to impact Women to become Passionate, Relevant, Inspired, Connected and Empowered over a 12 Week Intensive.   We are also developing a monthly Leading Ladies Who Launch Meet-up and a bi-annual BusyGal Mastermind Alliance Seminar.


The Current Divisions of BusyGal, LLC


We currently have 3 distinct divisions that make up BusyGal, LLC:


BUSYGAL BEES (Business Entrepreneurial Education System) (www.busygalbees.com) which exists to educate and inspire "Women Over 40" with the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to become successful entrepreneurs and small business owners through our curated online and on demand learning management system courses and curricula.


BUSYGAL SOLUTIONS (www.busygalsolutions.com) is powered by the proven system and revolutionary technology of Market America. We license Women Over 40 to become Internet Marketeers through the Un-Franchise business and get access to multi-billion dollar industries so that they can create ongoing residual income.


BUSYGAL FRIDAY VA (www.busygalfridayva.com) specializes in providing robust digital marketing services including social media marketing, website development and design, SEO, social video creation services, and remote secretarial services for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  We also provide affiliate resource services through Infusionsoft by Keap, live reception services by PatLive, and robust and specialized business plan software through Live Plan by Palo Alto.